We are proud of the care we give our patients and their families!
Read what some of them have to say about their experiences at GoldenView Veterinary Hospital!


“We love Goldenview! The staff is amazing and our pups look forward to visiting!” – Morgan S., 11/12/17 


“You guys were all amazing. So I’m sending my daughter there tomorrow. Thanks so much” – Debbie S., 10/25/17


“Great staff, great Dr and I was happily surprised when I received the bill! Exceptional value for the money!
We will be back with any future chicken medical needs as well as my ferret, since now I know of a ferret vet!” – Kate L., 10/24/2017


“Thanks for having toys to keep kids occupied.
That makes a big difference and I was able to give my full attention
to my pet’s care because my kids were enjoying themselves.” – Brit L., 10/17/17


“We felt that the attention an exceptional care we received were exemplary.
Our chicken Lovie was treated with concern and kindness. The exam was thorough and informative.
We are considering bringing our 3 Great Danes to your vet after this visit.” – Charl V.H., 10/10/17


“Everyone was super nice! They made my Cockatoo Raz feel right at home, and he dealt
with the visit like a champ.
If you have parrots, I would highly recommend GoldenView, and Dr. Kris a try. Avian vets are few and far between, You’ve got a great one right here.” – Judy M., 10/5/17


“Service was above and beyond. Thank you very much” – John S., 9/16/17


“Dr. Kris has taken care of 5 of our dogs over the years. She has always
done a wonderful job making us and our babies feel as comfortable as possible.
We can’t say how much we appreciate her and her staff!” – Stephanie M., 8/17/17


“GoldenView staff and vets are always top notch. Very efficient and professional.
Most of all, I can tell that they really, genuinely care about my cat.” – Eric K., 7/2/17


“Chloe loves boarding at a 5-star facility. She came home happy, talking, and well.
We enjoyed the text photos of her. Thank you. She will be there again!” – Diane D., 5/27/17


“All of the folks there are very helpful and nice.
The vet was very thorough and spent lots of time evaluating my pet chicken.” – Allidah H., 5/6/17


“Everyone was great, Jake (my dog) wasn’t cooperating very well
but the staff was excellent and extremely patient with him. Thank you all for that.” – Joel M., 5/1/17


“Awesome experience! Thanks for all the help!” – Lauren Y., 4/29/2017


“Great help for our little chicken! Thank you!!” – Brenda P., 3/18/17


“Learned quite a bit about fixing nutritional food,helpful” – Margaret D., 3/12/17


“Was very stressed out due to personal issues, Dogs very nervous because of new surroundings.
The staff calmed us all down, took care of all my dogs needs and I left very relaxed
knowing I found the perfect vet in our new transition. – Dorene S., 3/03/17


“I was concerned when I learned Dr. Kris would not be there and Milo would see Dr. Wendy.
Dr. Wendy did an excellent job caring for Milo so I was happy and so was Milo” – Linda G., 2/14/17


“I was struck by the love and care that Dr. Kris and the staff showed for my Bear Kitty. He was in there for his yearly
and was made to feel really safe and comfortable. I compare that to my sister’s vet in another state
and how cold and clinical her vet and staff are without any effort to calm the pet at all.
I believe it’s so important to make our pets feel more at ease (just like we do for our children, if we have any, when they go to a doctor).
Thank you Dr. Kris and staff. You are the BEST!” – Nancy K., 10/12/16


“My pet rat had what I thought was an abscess so I brought him in as quick as I could (especially considering there are only a few vets in town that see “exotics”). I actually brought his brother for “moral support” as well and everyone was so sweet and understanding. It turned out that the abscess was actually cancer and my sweet boy is at the end of his life. I wasn’t expecting that and was just a wreck… and was so grateful for the entire staff for being so patient and loving.
THANK YOU Dr. Kris and the rest of your team for making this difficult time just a little easier.” – Kristin S., 7/8/2016